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Performers House

Performers House is based on the integrated approach and democratic ideas of Danish folk high schools. The school’s fundamental idea is to work with the artistic process — work that is nourished and challenged in the interplay of cultures — across disciplines and across borders.
Performers House emphasizes the importance of communication, the intentions and the actions involved in the artistic work. As a starting point, the work process accommodates different perceptions and the general educational possibilities that arise when an “individual” meets “others” – between performer and public, between teacher and student, between student and student.

Performers House
Papirfabrikken 76
8600 Silkeborg

Tel: +45 86 800 820
Fax: +45 86 800 827


A jfc Medienzentrum project

with national and international partners in the framework of the international ROOTS&ROUTES network.

Funded in the framework of the programme „VIELFALT TUT GUT. Youth for Diversity, Tolerance and Democracy" of the German Federal Ministry for Familiy Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

And by the Northrhine-Westfalian youth ministry (MFKJKS NRW)

And by the City of Cologne

Until May 2008, the project was additionally funded by the EU-Programme CULTURE 2000