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Leila Prnjavorac (29) and her parents fled during the war in Bosnia to The Netherlands in 1993.

Prnjavorac studied communication and worked for the Dutch radio station FunX, national internet news platform NOS Headlines and some local stations which all target especially youth with also an immigrant background.
In 2007 she started her own company LVision. She works as a host/ presenter, coach and gives different workshops like radio, media and presenting. For UCee Station Leila coaches different teachers and gives workshops radio. During the SummersCool Leila will be responsible for the media department and especially radio. ‘Sees the chances that you get in life, you are the master off your own destiny.’

ROOTS & ROUTES Let's find out what's inside

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 23.07.2010

ROOTS & ROUTES Let's find out what's insideOn July 18th my plane landed in Amsterdam. After that i took the train to continue my journey to Rotterdam , the place where Roots & Routes takes place this year. I was hoping to discover and learn many new things; I thought this is all about discovering, creating, art and goals. This idea of mine wasn't wrong at all, but when I came here I realized that these words are not enough to describe what is happening at Roots& Routes. Hard work, team spirit, very different cultures, ideas , people, and rules could complete the list.
Being part of the media team, I decided to tell you what is really happening here. I am sure you would like to know more about the participants, their skills, how many years of training do they have , if they are satisfied with their jobs. I always wondered myself how would that be to have a talent and do what you really like to do , your passion . To know what is really happening right here is hard, because I am discovering it myself during my stay here. It's a big , new experience that all of us want to take advantage of.
Furthermore I can tell you that Roots&Routes was designed to discover, promote, critique and enjoy creative talents. No ,it is not enough to come here to learn and try to become famous, it is also about details, about sharing information and experience.
In this project the 3 teams are formed with people that don't know each other, that's why the participants should do their best to communicate, listen and function like an active participant. To be flexible, and to treat others in a respectful and supportive manner can sometimes be difficult, so Roots &Routes is a challenge for all of us.
In the next posts I will try to keep you in touch with the activities on Roots&Routes 2010, our program , activities , participants, and progress. In this moment a part of the media team near me is working on the interviewing tips, others are filming and others are writing new stories.
So I invite you into our world and I hope to make you fell like a member of Roots&Routes.
Let's see what's inside!
by Ana Balan > Romania
Lorenzo > Italy
Leila. > Netherlands


| R&R SUMMERSCOOL 2010 - 5th edition



Jeroen 28.07.2010 - 12:09
Hey ana,

Great to read about your R&R Experiences! Keep it going!


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