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Hello to all creative people!

I'm an asian geek from Singapore, residing in London, UK.

Through R&R i have developed myself into something bigger: being a visual artist. It was a stepping stone in my development as an artist and i will continue progressing.

Working with people from all over europe has given me ample amount of experience that will equipped me with my career ahead. In addition to that, I have made lots of talented friends who shares the similar interest with me, particularly in the artistic world and creation.

Last but not least, thanks for reading my very formal introduction. *wink*

<img src="video_/1480_1325956874_b.png" alt="BRAINCHECK in Rotterdam 2011 | Part 1">

BRAINCHECK in Rotterdam 2011 | Part 1

BRAINCHECK in Rotterdam 2011 | Part 2
BRAINCHECK in Rotterdam 2011 | Part 3
BRAINCHECK in Rotterdam 2011 | Part 4

Produced in the framework of Art'n'Go - New routes to intercultural creativity, a creation and production project supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union and Roots&Routes International.

When you think you made a choice between two options, the options already have been made for you. When you want to get away from it and think you're free, you fall into a bigger entrapment.
When will we use our consciousness for a better purpose? When will come our Braincheck?

A multimedia performance about deprivation of knowledge and self-protection to still think for yourself, make your own choices and follow your own beliefs.

concept and script Poliana Vieira, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz
direction Poliana Vieira
text / lyrics Poliana Vieira, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz
choreography Moustapha Bellal, Rebecca Turini, Cécile Delobeau, Faisal Hiola, Jacintha Tjon Fo, Irene Alfambra, Nadia Bounenni, Sandra “Psique” Jurado, Derya Kaptan
visuals Mark Pot, Poliana Vieira, Gino Ricardo
music Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz, Ricardo Peys a.k.a. M2TH, Poliana Vieira

on stage (in order of appearance)
Jeremy Moniz, (doctor Hollow on the video), piano live
Derya Kaptan, dancer
Poliana Vieira, vocals
Rebecca “Realz” Turini, dancer
Irene Alfambra, dancer
Sandra “Psique” Jurado, dancer
Moustapha “Mousstik” Bellal, dancer
Cécile Delobeau, dancer
Faisal Hiola, dancer
Jacintha Tjon Fo, dancer
Nadia Bounenni, dancer

media Fathir Ismail
sound Adrian Newgent, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz

light design Áron Kovács

artistic advice
Costas Lamproulis, Nabil Ouelhadj, Lorenzo Pallini

foto Poliana Vieira
by Fathir > Hungary




live show

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