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Roma Rosaro Is a Dj/Producer/Drummer and a songwriter born and raised in Rotterdam in the South of The Netherlands. Coming from a very musical family where granddads and uncles were heavy into music it was obvious that Roma Rosaro would get into music. Although his family members do not practice music on a professional level Roma Rosaro decided to take the plunge and dive into the music business.

His love for music started at the age of 6 when he heard his father listen to trance and Hip-Hop music. The beat caught his attention. He dived into everything related to a rhythm and started to practice the drums on stew-pans. It drove his mother crazy and she decided to let him follow drum lessons. He Followed drum lessons for almost 5 years on the S.K.V.R

At the age of 6 he was not aware of what songs were all about but he understood them as he got older. He started writing and making beats from the age of 13. Encouraged by friends and family he got better at making Lyrics,House, Hip hop and R&B Beats.

After high school he was not sure what to do with his life but knew it had to involve music. He decided to do audition at Albeda College for musicians and producers. He was accepted and is now a freshman and is currently recording his very first demo. Entitled 'Beaters Vol. 1' it will include songs with the lyrics he wrote and features with other House Producers. Helping him achieve this will be his fellow students Sergio, Georgino and Joeri. The demo will be produced by himself.

Beaters Vol.1 will be released in February and after the release he will try to support it's release by promoting it on forums, My Space, Twitter and Hyves. The plan is to release a complete CD within a year and performing as much as possible. Collaborations are also on the horizon with talented fellow students and artists Sergio, Georgino and Joeri. Remember the name Roma Rosaro because he plans to be here for a very long time!

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New MC KiKo T-Shirts!

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MC KiKo > Sweden
Roma Rosaro - Unplugged

Roma Rosaro - Unplugged

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Roma Rosaro > Netherlands

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Serious As Kancer Mixtape Vol.2 (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


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Wanna buy MC KiKo T-shirts!!? :)


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